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Early or late, big or little, high or low?

Posted by Jon Peddie on April 15th 2014 | Discuss
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Where you are on the curve—depends on the product You’ve all seen the classic technology adoption curve (top right).  It’s OK, easy to understand, and to draw, but I think it’s wrong when it comes to computers (and I include smartphones in that categorization for this discussion). I think it’s more like a Poisson distribution (middle right). We will all be on different parts of the curve depending on our need (for a faster computer, a higher resolution screen, and more powerful graphics AIB, etc.), our desire (same list), our budget, and the availability of the product (which could be a…

THE QUARTER IN REVIEW - Comin ‘round the corner

Posted by Kathleen Maher on April 8th 2014 | Discuss
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First Q down, three to go Sure don’t want to jinx anything, but a look at this issue suggests the industry is driving hard on the innovation front and in every imaginable direction, which is pretty typical for a first quarter. This is when you start laying the groundwork for the year. CES is a showcase time for new products, but it’s also a good time for running ideas up the flagpole to see if anyone throws money at it.  Obviously, recessions suck, and so do depressions, though I’m not actually sure which is which. It might be a depression if…

A ramble of the past two weeks

Posted by Jon Peddie on April 1st 2014 | Discuss
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We truly do live in exciting and interesting times We saw the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and then the GPU Technical Conference (GTC), and all sorts of associated events. At the GDC, the world was introduced to the Immersive Technology Alliance, got a look inside Mickey Hart’s brain, and was stunned by an insane acquisition.   GDC was notable for the many announcements and crazy demos. GDC is more of a PC gamer conference, unlike E3, which is a console gamer’s conference. The big news at GDC was Microsoft’s reaction announcement on DirectX12— it’s coming, no, really, next year, for sure.…

What I did on my spring vacation

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 18th 2014 | Discuss
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I started my spring vacation by going to Boston, where it was –37 degrees, and anything that had ever been moist or wet was now a solid block of permafrost. OK, maybe it wasn’t Helsinki temperatures, but it was damn cold for my weather-weeny California butt. So I stayed inside and took advantage of the flood of information HP was sharing at their annual analyst’s conference. I learned that HP is big, likes big systems with big data and even bigger service and support contracts. I learned that HP is trying to become IBM. (I think there’s anagram in there somewhere:…

Worth the trip?

Posted by Jon Peddie on March 4th 2014 | Discuss
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Conferences are a big commitment. Why go? As we wave good-bye to Barcelona and the excitement, madness, and competition for space, food, lodging, upgrades, and air, … hold on, I didn’t have to do any of that—I didn’t go to MWC this year. No wonder I’m so relaxed, not jet-lagged, and haven’t had any weight increase. Barcelona is one of my favorite towns, filled with 1.6 million mostly happy Catalonians annexed to Spain and barely tolerating it. And like Amsterdam, the city seems to actually enjoy the unwashed masses that descend on it every February. It’s cool to cold in February,…

The incumbents

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 18th 2014 | Discuss
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I want all of mine and some of yours. When markets have slow to negative growth, the only way a company can grow in them is to take market share from the other players. Consider the contests that are at work: • ARM is by far the leading RISC processor designer serving the mobile and TV markets as the incumbent leader. • Imagination technologies is the leading GPU IP provider serving the mobile and TV markets as the incumbent leader. • ARM was to take Imagination’s GPU business away with their IP GPU core. • Imagination wants to take away ARM’s…

Seeing more -  Is 8k enough?

Posted by Jon Peddie on February 4th 2014 | Discuss
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Visual resolution or acuity is the spatial resolving capacity of the visual system—the ability of the eye to see fine detail. It is further defined as target detection, which only requires the perception of the presence or absence of an aspect of the stimuli, not the discrimination of target detail. So it’s binary—you either see something (think of two back dots on a white background, next to each other separated by a white space of the same diameter) or you don’t. When you can’t detect there are two dots, you’ve reached the limit of your acuity or visual perception. It’s Shannon’s…

Long-distance vision - What about 2020?

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 21st 2014 | Discuss
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My pal and fellow conspirator in pretending to be part of a think tank, Brad Holtz, asked me to opine on 2020. You want my opinions about good vision?, I asked, never really sure where Brad’s coming from. No, you idiot, he said, the year 2020, but I guess you’d have to have pretty good vision to see that far, and then he almost hurt himself laughing at his own cleverness. Hmm, what would 2020 computer graphics look like? Computer graphics, CG, hasn’t always had 20/20 vision, although it has been inherently capable of it, given its quantized basis in mathematics…

Wear this, now

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 6th 2014 | Discuss
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You’re getting wearables, so be happy In addition to Apple, Archos, Basis, Casio, Emopulse, Epson, LG, Martian, Nike, Pebble, Qualcomm, Rockchip, Samsung Electronics, Sony, and ZTE launching new smartwatch wearable devices in 2014, don’t forget the fitness units from Adidas, FitBit, Fraunhofer (FitnessSHIRT), iRiver, JawBone, and Nike, as well as the glasses from Google, Ion, Meta, and Opinvent, Rocketchip, and an expected entry from Samsung.  Few companies (two maybe, Apple and Sony) can introduce new products consumers haven’t asked for. We see the wearable surge at CES similar to the 3DTV surge, the 4K UHD surge, and the mobile DTV surge—attention-getting…

Metal Machine Music

Posted by Kathleen Maher on January 2nd 2014 | Discuss
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2013 is the year the computer began to fade away, just like Tinker Bell when all the little children stopped believing in her, just like Santa Claus, who once he is done with his trip goes into hibernation for 10 months. We’re writing almost as much about mobile devices and technology for cars, glasses, and wristwatches as we are about graphics chips, boards, and PCs. No, they’re not gone yet, yes we’re still chained to the damned things, but their hold is weakening. That’s not to say we’re getting our freedom—in the end, we may well have less. Now, we’re just…