Review: Newer Technology Power2U AC/USB In-Wall Charging Solution: More tangle but less dead devices

Posted by Jon Peddie on September 24th 2012 | Discuss
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{image_1}Newer Technologies (is that a great name or what?) brought out a wall socket assembly, the Power2U, with a USB power cube built into it. Not only that, but it’s a smart cube that turns itself off when nothing is drawing power from it, so it’s not another zombie.

Once we installed it, in a common place (near the printers), it was adopted almost immediately by the folks here—in fact, they even started fighting over it, one person unplugging another. Clearly, we have to install more units.

We’ve been testing this unit for about six months now, and it has worked reliably and dependably. We get power failures here on the mountain (end of the line, first to go out), and the unit has weathered all the storms with no problem—good rugged design.

You can find these little jewels at MacSales and Amazon.


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