Intel maxes their data center GPUs

Nvidia’s Hopper data center GPU

Nvidia introduced their long-anticipated Hopper GPU with startling compute results—the chip is actually more of a compute engine than a GPU per se. Nvidia is claiming a 6X improvement over the previous-generation Ampere. Of that improvement rate, 2X comes from getting the chip to do FP8 calculations for inferencing. Another 2X comes from improvements in Cuda, and 1.3X comes from … Read more

GPU outlook for PC gaming and data centers

  The PC GPU market is multi-segmented over several platforms and multiple market categories. Therefore, it is not possible to make summary assumptions and predictions about GPUs because a GPU is not a single thing. This is an overview of the GPU market. It is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather one of our regular updates on the topic. … Read more

GPU-Computing Market – Winners and Opportunities

The GPU-Computing Market Report is a supplemental report to Market Watch focusing on the data center 

The GPU-Computing market continues to grow and is a bright spot in the industry with continued growth in revenue and unit shipments.

Deploying GPUs and virtual GPU software in the data center has become an effective way for enterprises to meet the challenges of larger, more complex workloads. These technologies offer advanced capabilities for AI, real-time ray tracing, and graphics that are essential for a variety of workloads, while reducing costs, space, and power requirements.

With the sudden surge in popularity of AI training, today’s GPUs, with their massive acceleration capabilities, have been generating a great deal of interest and experiencing a rise in popularity. The report dives into the background of GPUs as they have become an important element in AI deep learning, scientific computing, machine learning, and more.

JPR identifies the three major US companies that compete in the global GPU/AIB market—AMD, Intel, and Nvidia—and three indigenous companies that compete for the Chinese AI market (as a result of the US sanctions)—Biren Technology, MetaX, and Moore Threads. More detailed information on the Chinese GPUs/AIBs can be found in our GPU Developments of 2022 report.

While none of the companies release shipment data on their data center products, JPR estimates the market at 272,000 add-in boards (AIBs) in 2022 and 230,000 in 2023. This was based on revenue reports, product classifications, adjacent shipments (servers), and experience. It’s worth noting that the 2022 shipment numbers were inflated by the large number of GPU-compute AIBs Intel made for the Aurora supercomputer and AMD made for the Frontier supercomputer.

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