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On being isolated - Is a VR face sucker that bad?

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 20th 2016 | Discuss

I have, and may continue to, ridicule the idea of people voluntarily spending long periods of time in a VR HMD. Military, surgeons, and welders do it because they have to, but otherwise it’s a form of torture. But, let’s look at some of that criticism

CES—Convoluted Excruciating Suffering

Posted by Jon Peddie on January 6th 2016 | Discuss

Where people actually pay to be tortured Last year more than 176,000 visi­tors came to Las Vegas (popula­tion 600,000) to stand in line wait­ing for taxis, food, and a chance to peek at gadgets of all sizes, shapes, colors, and prices. In addition to those 176,000, more