Up close and personal

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I’m seeing more than I want to, or maybe not enough Our eyes are just too damn good. Too good for the VR and AR displays we can afford and are able to build today.  VR as you probably know has a taxonomy that can be reduced

For the 4th quarter of 2015, GPU shipments increased 2.4% from last quarter

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AMD increased 5.2%, Nvidia increased 8.4%, and Intel increased 1% The GPU market and the PC market in general, seems to have found its new normal. The Gaming PC segment, where higher-end GPUs are used, was once again the bright spot in the overall PC market for the quarter. Overall Year-to-year total GPU

Add-in board market down in Q2, Nvidia holds market share lead

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Quarter-to-quarter AIBs shipments decreased 17.5%, and slipped 17.6% year-to-year Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, announced estimated graphics add-in-board (AIB) shipments and suppliers’ market share for 2014 2Q. The quarter in general JPR found that AIB shipments during Q2 2014 behaved according to

Graphics Add-in Board Shipments seasonally down from Last Quarter

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Seasonal drop is less than in previous years; AMD continues market share increase, but Nvidia still the leader Estimated graphics Add-in Board (AIB) shipments and sales’ market share for Q2’12. The JPR AIB Report tracks computer graphics boards, which carry discrete graphics chips. They are used in desktop

S3D Market Opportunities

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While the big screen generates the big numbers (3D movies in the US grossed over $10 billion in 2011, in a somewhat depressed year for cinema) with just 11,000 screens worldwide, the little screen showed 3D on over 23 million screens in 2011. By little screen we mean TV of course, but also handhelds and

Q3 graphics shipments up 16.7% over last quarter18.4% over last year

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Shipments during the third quarter of 2011 did (finally) behave according to past years with regard to seasonality, and was higher on a year-to-year comparison for the quarter. 2011 is still an unusual year for the PC and graphics suppliers as businesses take their own path to recovery. The third quarter of

Are you entertained?

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We continue to be fascinated with moving pictures that come to us through the ether. When TV was first conceived either as a scientific idea or a science fiction idea is debated (and Mark Schubin has a great discussion about it at Schubin Café. Names like Téléphonoscopique telectroscope,

Opportunities, Threats, and Changes Created by the EPG & HPU

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A genuine inflection point is occurring in the PC and related industries, the integration of powerful SIMD graphics processing elements with multi-core, multi-stage scalar X86 CPUs. In so doing the stalwart and ubiquitous IGP – integrated graphics processor, will fade out of existence. Because the graphics processor unit, GPU, grew in

The Future of Embedded Graphics

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Executive Summary This report covers the development of the market for CPUs with embedded graphics and their impact on integrated chip sets and discrete graphics. After fifteen years of stellar growth the IGP will cease to exist, replaced by embedded graphics in the processor. Integrated graphics are used in desktop

The Next Console

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At dinner the other night, I was asked by some friends from the University of Illinois what I thought the next game console would be like. I told them I didn’t think there would be a next game console. I waited for them to decide if I should