Calling all old pixel pushers

Posted: 01.17.11

I'm proud to say that I have been elected president of the Siggraph Pioneers for 2011 and 2012.

Old engineersMy first act in this role is to invite new members to the organization.
If you've been involved with computer graphics for the past 20 years or more you're eligible, and you should join us.

Because you have valuable experience you could share with others, and in particular youngsters entering the field.
Because you’ll get to see some old friends, and maybe share some old memories.
Because you’ll be recognized for your contribution to the industry
And last but not least because I invited you.

Computer Graphics Pioneer is an earned member category under ACM SIGGRAPH.
1. Membership is earned after twenty (20) years of contributions to some aspect of computer graphics and/or interactive techniques. All members of the computer community are welcome, engineers, academics, artists, sales and marketing representatives, etc.
2. Members commit to perform some service to the computer graphics community. This service may include conference or journal paper reviews, financial support of the mentoring program, serving as a mentor, or some other service as needs or opportunities arise.
3. Dues - Member dues are $47.00 per year - Regular ACM SIGGRAPH dues are $42. Pioneer dues are $47, so they are only $5 more.
Don't let the price scare you off, if you're already an ACM member it's a small uplift.

We meet at Siggraph every year for a dinner, networking, and a presentation by one of the luminaries who helped get this industry going. It's kind of like Facebook Live: you get to see old friends you haven't heard from for a while BUT THERE'S A LOT MORE WE CAN DO.

And speaking about SIGGRAPH 2011, this year it's going to be in beautiful Vancouver Canada. You should check the Visas & Passports data at this site.

To start or renew your membership:
* Online:'rdr=promo=QJSIG&offering=415P&form_type=SIG&CFID=17011319&CFTOKEN=97045466
* Call ACM Member Services 800-342-6626 (click here for details)

I'd like to hear from you. Contact me:, if you have ideas to help the Pioneers help the graphics community, I'm anxious to hear them.