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What is a PC?

Posted: 01.28.11

The debate continues among suppliers, analysts, pundits, and web forum participants as to whether tablets (specifically the Apple iPad) should be counted as a PC or not. From our perspective the issue is defined (if it can be) by the processor. Fragmentation is finally affecting the PC market. Options such as tablets, E-books, consoles, and even talented phones are doing jobs PCs could do. Also, consoles and Kindles. These other devices are not replacing PCs, but they're shifting interest and mind share. They're enabling people to leave devices at home for vacation and short trips. No more lugging a computer to a tradeshow. And a side-effect is that these alternative devices are reducing the urgency to upgrade machines. The money might be spent on new devices instead. But for a market analysis we need a tighter definition – what is, and what isn’t a PC?

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