iPhone breaks Moore’s law

Posted: 07.05.08
My new phone cost more than my PC or TV I’m getting ready to buy the iPhone. I mean buy it, not lease it from AT&T. I’ve been saving my allowance, and taking bottles and cans to the recyclers, and I’m getting close to the $700 needed (plus taxes) for the 16 GB 3G iPhone, I can hardly wait. While I’m waiting I watch a little TV on my new 32-inch HD LCD TV that only cost $449 from Circuit City. And when I get bored with TV, I turn to my new $649 Dell Inspiron notebook with a 15- inch screen. Soon I’ll have everything I need, and all of it for under $1,000 each, although I better hurry because I know the next generation iPhone will probably be $999 plus taxes. How come, I wonder, everything else in the universe electronic goes down in price or stays at the same price with added functionality and the iPhone goes up? Isn’t that what Moore’s law is all about? Does Apple and AT&T know they’ve broken the law? Will they get arrested and have to go to jail? OMG – if Apple has to go to jail, what’s going to happen to all the Apple stores - will they be bought by CompUSA or Circuit City? And how come a puny 3.5 inch 480 x 320 pocket computer costs more than my 15.4 inch 1680 x 1050 notebook computer, or my 32-inch 1900 x 1080 TV? Why does a smaller screen, with a less powerful processor cost more? I used to think I understood electronics and economics, but now, well now, I don’t know if anybody does. You gotta give Steve Jobs credit, he is a disruptive force, breaking the law and changing the rules.