Nvidia paints the town green

Posted: 08.26.08

The fountains flowed a toxic green that puts all those terrible green beer St. Patrick's hangovers in perspective. You were never that sick. But the point was made. San Jose, at least for these three days in August belongs to Nvidia. What we find interesting is what Nvidia has chosen to concentrate on. There has been plenty of candy for the game boys, but the emphasis is on business, high end computing, entertainment and the future. One thing is for sure, stereographics is here to stay -- at least for a couple of years. Jen Hsung Huang showcased 3D video in his keynote and showed how much more fun games might be if you had a 3D view. Now, you might well say, we've had the opportunity for years and so far, gamers have played with 3D for a bit and their glasses wind up in the toy box with the steering wheels, old joy sticks, pedals, and t-shirts. But this time it's differerent or at least that's what the hardware vendors (of graphics boards, glasses, computers, glasses and displays) want us to believe. At Nvision the high quality screen and fast stereoscopic performance was pretty convincing. The next day's keynote highlighted 3D and stereoscopic views for space exploration as if to say, again, it's not just fun and games. And that, really, seems to be what Nvidia is setting out to do with Nvision -- bring more people into the family to share the vision of 3D and great graphics. It's not just fun and games, it's graphics.