The Art of Marketing and Selling PC Gaming Hardware Internationally

Posted: 02.08.09

What actually makes a gaming PC? High power processors? No. Neon lights? No. The factor that actually makes it a gaming PC lies in the mind of the purchaser. It is a measure of influence and motivation which can be measured as a percentage of total purchase motivation. It isa key factor in our PC Gaming Hardware reports.

Once a person influenced by games decides to purchase PC hardware, there is another very important factor which influences the equation. What hardware do they need to satisfy their gaming requirements?

There is an art to making a PC attractive to gamers. It involves understanding what type of gaming constitutes the intent of a PC purchaser in a particular territory. Gaming genres, and the hardware requirements and desires of gamers, are different across the world.

We set out to calculate the worldwide TAM of PC gaming hardware. In the process we developed a model and methodology that can help companies in the market create, position, and market their products.

One of the key elements in our study is a measurement we call the Processing Intensity Level (PIL). We gathered evidence on the type of gaming that is popular in various countries and regions and assigned a PIL based on the average processing requirements of current generation video games in these areas. For example Germany has a huge devoted base of simmers. These people like to pilot virtual cars and airplanes with the most realistic parameters possible. Simulation gaming requires a potent mix of hardware and helps make Germany fertile ground for Enthusiast class PC’s. Unlike other European countries that one might assume to be similar, Germany has a different tech demographic influenced by the types of video gamesthat are popular more in Germany than other parts of Europe.Likewise, the Processing Intensity Level required by PC gamers in South Korea has a different weighting than that required in Germany. And in fact,South Korea represents a unique tech demographic within the Asian gaming market.

Understanding the Processing Intensity Level requirements of PC gamers across the world, however, is not enough in itself to base product development and marketing decisions on, so we incorporated many other relevant influences into our model. The result is what we believe to be the most advanced and accurate estimate of international PC gaming hardware demand in the world.

Knowing the territory of your potential conquests is something the famous Chinese general Sun Tzu always considered critical intelligence. We at JPR consider understanding the minds and motivation of gamers in different parts of the world to be critical intelligence, and a requirement for a successful multinational PC gaming hardware provider. Some things never change.