Cebit 2003

Posted: 03.15.03
The Working Press
The working press in the Halles of Cebit.

The messages for Cebit this year are pretty much the same. The big issues are Wireless Networking for fun and profit, Recordable DVD for fun and profit, phones for all, and cameras everywhere. Security, of course, was a major theme, and if we weren't all already scared to death, companies peddling security were out there telling people that the viruses and worms we've been battling are nothing compared to the mothers of all worms that are on their way—unless, of course, we pony up the bucks for their software.

In a word, yipes!

Also at Cebit entire graphics lines are being filled out by ATI, Nvidia, and SiS. S3 has chimed in with product announcements—new DeltaChrome products are expected to arrive in time for fall.