JPR predicts the trends

Posted: 01.24.05

JPR's newest study, Handheld Multimedia Devices, is turning out to be one of our best-sellers. And the Consumer Electronics Show held at the start of every year in Las Vegas has been a perfect opportunity for us to conduct further research and to check out some of our assumptions.

At CES we saw new products that confirmed some of our predictions. Here are just a few examples.

Watching TV on a phone. We forecasted the TV mobile phone market to begin to take off in 2005 and were happy to see LG's slick new KV3600 go public. Additional examples will be found in Japan and, believe it or not, in the U.S. later this year.

VGA screens. We also forecasted the introduction of VGA resolution screens on mobile phones, and Nokia and Sanyo showed some excellent examples at CES.

Eleksen's 3D handheld joystick.

Game controllers for handhelds. Playing games on a handheld device can be problematic, given that one hand (at least) is needed to hold the phone. Clever designs like Nokia's N-gage and Tapwave's PDA offer a solution, but for the majority of users who won't have those types of handhelds something else is needed. At CES we saw a BlueTooth "cloth/rubber" joystick made by Eleksen Limited that nicely solves the problem

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