Reality, it may highly overrated

Posted: 05.18.14

Enders Game, Rainbows End, and the Holodeck gave us the visions of our future altered reality. What we will actually experience when we get there will be none of the above, a lot of the above, and dramatically different. Gesture recognition, facial recognition, haptic feedback, voice recognition, personality recognition, emphatic recognition, health recognition, desire recognition—our immersed computer-based lives will bring us all this in our virtualized worlds. How we evolve to this future place and space is not entirely clear, and so we offer you two views of our future world.


Note: Normally this page is written by Jon Peddie. Jon has been called away on an extended business trip, and this week’s editorial has been written by our editorial system, which we affectionately call Oscar. Please let us know how you like Oscar’s product. We hope to use it/him/her again for future assignments.