Welcome to Siggraph ... Maybe

Posted: 08.11.03

Siggraph returns to the West Coast and cuts costs on everything from food, to panels, to signs

Convention Center

Hey! Where are we? In order to recover from the fiasco that was Siggraph 2002 in San Antonio, the Siggraph Conference group cut back on a day of the conference, workers, and signage. Also, longtime stalwarts like SGI and Sun failed to have a booth on the floor. However, the conference felt pretty lively with new exhibitors, papers, and a crowd still in love with graphics.

Some of the notable events we'll be covering are the dramatic changes coming as a result of programmable graphics chips, new plug-ins that bring artificial intelligence to the party, and the steady march of embedded graphics as Khronos gathers the ABM&I crowd (Anyone But Microsoft and, oh yeah, Intel too). The group has strong backing from Nokia, Sun, TI, and Symbian giving Khronos and OpenGL ES real momentum in the handheld market.

In other news we hear Tony Parisi, a VRML vet, has sold yet another company. This time he's sold Media Machines to the ManyOne Network. They're building 3D interfaces to Web-based information and they think Media Machines's Flux is just the ticket.

Siggraph was also the site of new displays from 3D monitors (stereo display with passive viewing) and OLEDs. New input devices including Immersion's two handed haptic feedback device, and advanced motion capture. AMD had a talking soccer ball and we had a luncheon with a panel that had considerably more to say than a soccer ball.

There's more and we're still trying to make sense of it all. It'll all be in next week's Tech Watch.