JPR SIGGRAPH Press Luncheon 2018 Vancouver

Virtual Studios: who benefits in a revolution?

Event Date: 15 August 2018 - 11:45 am
Location: Coal Harbour Suite - Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver



There truly is a revolution happening in filmmaking thanks to cloud-based workflows. And, as in any revolution, there are unsung heroes, rising stars, and unexpected effects. This panel, presented by Jon Peddie Research will explore the changes rapidly happening in the content creation industry as a result of rising costs falling disproportionately on independent creators. Change isn’t necessarily coming from the top, it’s coming from the creatives.

  • Where are the gaps; what capabilities do we need to enable for an end-to-end cloud-based workflow?
  • What is meant by end-to-end? Is it even possible in an environment studios and independent developers uses a mix of tools and apps?
  • How will people and tools, interoperate in the future.
  • Where is my computer? And do I care, do I need to worry about what HW I use ..., and maybe carry?
  • And finally, the big question: who benefits? 

Save the date: The annual JPR Press Luncheon will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Coal Harbour Suite on August 15th.

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