6Sight - The Future of Imaging

Event Date: 15-17 December 2010
Location: San Jose, CA

Jon Peddie of JPR will be sharing our latest research on digital imaging capture and printing at 6Sight 2010 and the AIE Output Summit. Come see Jon and many other industry experts revealing the future of imaging at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California on Nov 15-17. Register now with this code (cfuture) and receive a discounted rate of $1,495 — a $900 savings off the full registration fee!

6Sight 2010 will feature two emerging technologies (3D and augmented reality) that will soon have tremendous impacts on photo imaging. At the 2009 conference, an introduction to 3D photography was presented; this year, after an explosion of 3D innovations, the discussions will be raised to the next level by presenting products and ideas that will lead to to a better understanding of the 3D opportunities.

Retail visualization with YOUReality.

Augmented reality (AR) merges image capture, display, computation, and connectivity to overlay information and graphics on top of our real-time view of the world around us. This is one of the emerging developments we all need to better understand. Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has been invited as the keynote speaker for the AR cluster of sessions. MacIntyre has conducted AR research for 19 years, with the goal of understanding the potential of AR as a new medium for games, entertainment, education, and work. He will discuss how augmented reality will affect photo imaging in the near future and his work with Qualcomm, which recently joined with Georgia Tech to establish the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio. The research and design center is aimed at pioneering new advancements in mobile gaming and interactive media.

In addition to these two emerging innovations, the conference will focus on the connectivity of cameras to the internet with a keynote presentation by Marc Levoy, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University. Levoy’s work focuses on computational photography, which is the use of advanced algorithms and processing to take imaging far beyond the mere replacement of film with digital sensors that we’ve seen so far in camera design. Levoy has worked on computer animation; displaying three-dimensional functions, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) data; and 3D laser scanning. Levoy, who also codesigned the Google book scanner and helped launch the Google Street View project, will demonstrate his current project, the “Frankencamera,” a fully programmable camera that embodies the ideal of capture devices that are open and can be customized, expanded, and upgraded.

The latest experimental camera, the Frankencamera F2

6Sight program topics include the following (visit for the latest information about the 6Sight conference):

  • 3D cameras, printers, and big-screen TVs: The new opportunities for companies in the imaging business offered by 3D technology and its new infrastructures and ecosystems.
  • Advances in output: Revenue-generating prospects delivered by new output products and services that will transform photographic digital printing.
  • Augmented reality: AR merges image capture, display, computation, and connectivity to overlay information and graphics on top of our real-time view of the real world around us. This innovative development promises to impact imaging, entertainment, personal computers, and many other aspects of modern life.
  • Camera evolution: New technologies continue to advance photographic capture with improved image quality, faster shooting, smaller form factors, and other benefits for professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts.
  • Smarter camera phones: Mobile imaging already shook up the camera business once because suddenly everyone had a camera in their pocket: their phone. Now, top-of-the-line phones not only capture great photos, they provide amazing and fun imaging apps – functionality completely lacking in standard digital cameras. This presents challenges and possibilities for the imaging business.
  • Video: Video capture and display is everywhere, especially on social sharing sites. But how is it being used, and who is benefiting? Our panel reports on services and other ways to monetize personal movie making. 

The AIE Output Summit, held on the afternoon of November 15, will take an in-depth look at the future of photographic output and the implications for imaging professionals. The top analysts in the photo and digital imaging industry will share their visions of the new landscape of digital output and present their most current data, followed by a roundtable panel discussion digging into the implications behind the numbers. Leading digital printing companies will share their visions of the current market, changing behavioral patterns of customers, what new markets are emerging, and how to take advantage of all the opportunities available. The managers of the most innovative imaging facilities in the world will discuss how they have changed course to adapt to the changes in technology and customer behavior, and where they see the next big opportunities.

Now that you have seen what is in store for you, check out for more information and send me a note if you are interested in speaking, have questions or are interested in sponsoring. Help build what I know will be the best event of its kind you attend this year. I look forward to seeing you in San Jose this November 15-17, where we will build a better Future of Imaging at 6Sight.