AMD Fusion Developer Summit

Event Date: 13-16 June 2011
Location: Meydenbauer Center - Bellevue, WA

Heterogeneous computing is moving into the mainstream, and a broader range of applications are already on the way. As the provider of world-class CPUs, GPUs, and APUs, AMD offers unique insight into these technologies and how they interoperate.  We’ve been working with industry and academia partners to help advance real-world use of these technologies, and to understand the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s time to share what we’ve learned so far.

With tutorials, hands-on labs, and sessions that span a range of topics from HPC to multimedia, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your view of what heterogeneous computing currently offers and where it is going. You’ll hear from industry innovators and academic pioneers who are exploring different ways of approaching problems, and utilizing new paradigms in computing to help identify solutions. You’ll meet AMD experts with deep knowledge of hardware architectures and the software techniques that best leverage those platforms. And you’ll connect with other software professionals who share your passion for the future of technology.

You are at the vanguard of important technology movements.
  You actually care about programming paradigms.
  You are a champion of open standards.
  You advocate community collaboration for the benefit of all.

You should be at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit.