Flash Memory Summit

Event Date: 9-11 August 2016
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center

Dr. Jon Peddie will be chairing a panel at the Flash Memory Summit. The panel on How Flash Is a Key to Augmented Reality on Wearables (Wearables Track) will take place on Wednesday August 10th 3:50 - 4:55pm

OPEN Session 203-E: How Flash Is a Key to Augmented Reality on Wearables (Wearables Track)

Panelists include:

    Daryl Sartain, Director Virtual Reality/Alliances, AMD
    Chris Croteau, Director Strategic Business Development, Intel
    Soulaiman Itani, CTO/Founder, Atheer
    Rick Tewell, Sr VP System Solutions, VeriSilicon
    Manuel Gutierrez-Novelo, CTO, ImmersiON-VRelia

Session Description:

Augmented reality (AR) mixes reality with simulation. It allows users to add to real scenes from information contained in databases or other sources. Such information could include pop-up instructions (for example, on how to repair a particular device that has come into view), historical records (how long something has been in use and how it has performed), simulated views of a proposed project or product – or its effects, chemical composition, expert opinions, or sales details (such as price, current availability, and delivery schedule). That is, the viewer can have immediate access to information he or she would otherwise have to find somewhere or visualize. The information could include sounds, music, videos, graphics, images, database records, or whatever. It’s just there when you want it, regardless of where it is actually stored. Flash memory enables quick storage, retrieval, and use of the data.thus enabling practical applications in education and training, military and business intelligence, medicine, architecture, process and industrial control, and multimedia, to name just a few.

The session will help engineers and developers explore how flash memory and AR can be combined to deliver a new family of applications.