Siggraph 2009

Event Date: 5 August 2009 - 12:00 pm
Location: Mulate’s, New Orleans Louisiana

The theme is The convergence of CG computing and visualization has arrived. What does it mean when you can see what you’re thinking?

How does the world change when you can see what you’re thinking?

Who are going to be the winners and who will be the losers?

In the old days (just a few years ago and still today) researchers – in scientific (think molecular studies like protein), entertainment (think amazing movies or games), or industrial (think FEA) would launch or commission a horrendous calculation run that could take from weeks to years depending upon resources and research. When the results came back they would then send the file(s) to the visualizer. Then when the renders were done the researchers would complain and tell the visualizer to do them over and make them look like this…

Today, with GPU compute (magnificently enabled now through Win 7 and Snow Leopard) the researcher is the director. He or she launches the computation in his or her own lab with his or her local supercomputer and with the same machine does the visualizations the way he or she wants them done. Depending on the complexity of the task jobs that took weeks now takes days, jobs that took days can be done in minutes and the time scales are further compressing. Productivity goes up, quality of research goes up, humanity benefits - it is the convergence of compute and viz.

Restart the clock

This is a change that has been long in coming. The hardware companies—AMD, Intel, Nvidia—are building in rendering power to mainstream computers. The software companies are pushing the hardware for all its got and asking for more. In some ways, the hard work is really just beginning. Rendering any time and anywhere changes the workflow—at least that’s the theory.

At Siggraph this year, the luncheon discussion will include representatives from software and hardware companies. Invited guests include press, analysts, investors, and advanced users. The industry has worked long and hard to expand the possible. It’s time to move the discussion into the practical.

How does the world change when you can see what you think?

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