The Intersection Event - Where Innovation meets social change

Event Date: 14 January 2012 - 12:00 am
Location: Pixar Studios, Emeryville, CA

The Intersection Event is an unparalleled day-long event where the most respected innovators in the world converge with leading social change agents to tackle some of the greatest issues of our time inside the prestigious Pixar Headquarters.

The Intersection reflects a change in how philanthropy is being delivered to the world, and how innovation can drive your bottom line, improving the businesses who participate and the world around them. This exciting event will take a limited group of 350 participants inside Pixar Animation Studios to enjoy riveting presentations from such experts as:

The Presenters

THE INTERSECTION event will forge an “intersection” of ideas and commentary between these leading innovators from academia, entrepreneurship, technology, and entertainment. Speakers will spend the prior day together as a group, considering topics that will be shared with the audience at The Intersection.

  • “the ENTERTAINER” - Susan Sarandon - Academy Award-winning Actress
  • “the NOURISHER” - Lauren Bush - CEO, FEED Projects
  • “the COLLABORATOR” - Dr. Ed Catmull - President, Pixar Animation Studios
  • “the PASSIONATE LEADER” - Marissa Mayer - VP, Google
  • “the ENTREPRENEUR” - Steve Case - Founder, AOL & The Case Foundation
  • “the GLOBAL CHANGE AGENT” - Diana Wells - President, Ashoka
  • “the SOCIAL ACTIVIST” - Dr. Chris Pitt - SVP, World Vision International
  • “the TECHNOLOGIST” - Greg Brandeau - CTO, Walt Disney
  • “the EDUCATOR” - Linda Hill - Professor, Harvard Business School
  • “the DESIGNER” - Tim Brown - CEO, IDEO
  • “the AUTHOR” - Frans Johansson - Author, The Medici Effect
  • “the TEACHER” - Guru Singh - Teacher, Minister, 3rd generation yogi
  • “the STRATEGIST” - John Hagel III - Director, Deloitte Center for the Edge
  • “the CATALYST” - Benjamin Wald - Chief Executive Partner, Ashoka Changemakers
  • “the ADVOCATE” - Paul Rieckhoff - Founder, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
  • “the FACILITATOR” - Gregg Fraley - Chief Solver, KILN
  • “the ORCHESTRATOR” - Randy Haykin - Haykin Capital & The Gratitude Network