xRS Week 2019

The Future of Immersive Starts Here

Event Date: 16-18 October 2019
Location: Hotel Kabuki 1625 Post Street San Francisco, CA


xRS Week combines the most pressing strategic topics, research-driven insights, and the industry’s top executives and thought-leaders. Hear from business leaders, strategists, and technologists that provide you with actionable advice and help fast track your platform strategies and business opportunities.

You can find details on the xRS conference HERE.  

In addition to the conference, Jon Peddie will be in attendance at the xRS Bookclub to sign and talk at his books:

Augmented Reality: Where We Will All Live  and Ray Tracing: A Tool for All  

The Bookclub will be held on October 16th, from 2:45-3:15 PM adjacent top the conference in the Hotel Kabuki

xRS Week is offering a 25% discount to our colleagues. To qualify for this discount, please reference the following code when making your registration: XRSWEEK25 and use the following URL: