Apple having trouble shipping G4 flatpanel iMac. Steve Jobs, on the other hand says all is swell

Posted: 10.07.02

In a kind of business as usual announcement Apple has told customers that the new iMacs will be delayed as a result of LCD shortages. Supplies of 15-inch, 17-inch monitors are in especially short supply and the 14-inch and 15-inch are going to notebooks in ever higher numbers. We were told at Cebit that the situation isn’t going to get better this year. The short supply of iMacs is responsible for a price increase and cranky customers. In online reports from a variety of analysts say that the situation is causing conflicts in Apple’s channel as supplies are going to Apple stores first. Doesn’t all this sound kind of familiar?

Steve Jobs has decided to drink from the half full glass announcing high demand for Apple products and that’s true too.