Apple updates DVD Studio Pro 1.5 for Mac OS X

Posted: 10.07.02

Apple has introduced the latest version of its DVD Studio Pro, the 1.5 version has been optimized for Max OS X. The OS X advantage gives the program the ability to do MPEG encoding and other work in background. Other new features include integration with Final Cut Pro that lets users set chapter markers in in Final Cut Pro that will be carried over to DVD Studio as DVD chapters.

Apple claims that DVD Studio Pro is the most widely used professional DVD authoring tool on the market. We haven’t counted ourselves, so we’re just passing along information. We do believe that Apple has reclaimed their video market and that Final Cut Pro has helped them do it. The company says it has shipped nearly a half a million Macintosh computers with SuperDrives and more than 2 million DVD-R media discs. The SuperDrive and iDVD and DVD Studio Pro were introduced in January 2001.

DVD Studio Pro 1.5 is shipping with Corel Photo-Paint, a coup for that company and Bias Peak DVD for Mac OS X. Using Photo-Paint users can create image files for still menus. Peak DVD is an audio editing product.

DVD Studio Pro is immediately available from Apple ( and it’s available through resellers at $999. Upgrades are available for $199. for additional details.