Add-in board market up in Q1, AMD gains market share

Posted: 05.28.13

TIBURON, CA-May 20, 2013-Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, announced estimated graphics add-in board (AIB) shipments and suppliers' market share for Q1 2013.

JPR's AIB Report tracks computer graphics boards, which carry discrete graphics chips. AIBs are used in desktop PCs, workstations, servers, and other devices such as scientific instruments. They may be sold directly to customers as after-market products, or they may be factory installed. In all cases, AIBs represent the higher end of the graphics industry as discrete chips rather than integrated processors.

JPR found that AIB shipments during Q1'2013. behaved according to past years with regard to seasonality, but the drop was less than the 10 year average. AIB shipments decreased 1.6% from the last quarter (the 10 year average is just -3%).

Compared to the previous quarter AIB shipments were up 1, 8%, and on a year-to-year comparison, shipments were down 6.3%.

The quarter in general

  • Total AIB shipments increased this quarter, from the previous quarter by 1.8% to 14.8 million units.
  • Nvidia continues to hold a dominant market share position at 64%; in Q1'13, AMD gained 1.4% in AIB market share.
  • Year to year this quarter AIB shipments were down 6.3% from to 14.8 million units.
  • A little over 32 million desktop PCs shipped worldwide in the quarter, a decrease of 13.7%.

The change from quarter to quarter is slightly less than last year. Quarter-to-quarter percentage changes are shown in Table 1

The AIB market now has just four chip (GPU) suppliers, who also build and sell AIBs. The primary suppliers of GPUs are AMD and Nvidia. There are 52 AIB suppliers, the AIB OEM customers of the GPU suppliers, which they call, "partners".
The change from quarter to quarter is much greater than last year. Quarter-to-quarter percentage changes are shown in Figure 1.

Pricing and Availability
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