Digital Content Creation (DCC) Market to See Growth on Several Fronts, Says Jon Peddie Research

2005 seen to be a transitional year reflecting a new generation of digital content creators

Posted: 08.11.05

Tiburon, Calif.—August 11, 2005 -- Jon Peddie Research today announced the release of its 2005 version of the Digital Content Creation Report. Featuring new approaches to industry analysis and interpretation, the 2005 report looks at the DCC market from the point of view of six market segments: 3D Modeling and Animation, Digital Video, Graphics/Digital Imaging, DVD Authoring, Desktop Publishing/Vector Graphics, and Interactive Authoring. The report provides market revenues, market share for key companies, industry trends, user base information, and information forecasts to 2010. This year the report also breaks out the consumer markets and professional markets.

The DCC Report is among JPR's most successful reports—giving those who work in the creative industries and the vendors serving these markets a picture of the products available and the trends affecting them.

The Digital Content Creation (DCC) market reached $2.9 billion in 2004. JPR predicts the market will grow 8% to reach $3.2 billion in 2005. 2005 is a transitional year marking the wind-down of a game console generation, widespread cost cutting of content creation software, and the rise of a consumer base of digital content creators.

For the near future, the Digital Video and 3D Modeling and Animation markets are showing the most promise of growth. The Graphics and Digital Imaging market is the largest segment of the market and is expected to reach $842.54 million in 2005. However, the graphics and digital imaging market is undergoing the most change as consumers discover digital photography and editing. New products at low prices are challenging the incumbents. And, at the same time, consumers are creating new market segments such as online print sites, special interest sites such as My.Space and blogs, and digital scrap-booking.

DCC segments
The DCC market reached almost $3 billion in 2004 and it is expected to reach $3.2 billion in 2005. JPR’s DCC Report breaks out the DCC market according to the above segments. While Graphics/Digital Imaging holds the largest share of the DCC market, the Digital Video market is growing rapidly with a healthy professional base.

"The Digital Content Creation market is going to be affected by several inflection points at once including the introduction of new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple, new game console platforms, and more powerful processors with mainstream price tags," said analyst Kathleen Maher. "The period between 2006 and 2007 is going to see many markets growing and evolving. At the same time, as the acquisition of Pinnacle by Avid and the acquisition of Kaydara by Alias indicates, the pace of consolidation is also going to pick up as market directions become clear in a variety of areas including home entertainment, gaming, film and video, and web applications."