Multimedia will propel handhelds to next level

New Report from Jon Peddie Research defines and sizes the market for multimedia on handhelds

Posted: 09.27.04

Mobile Graphics Exhibit Relative Strength, ATI and Nvidia Lose Ground

TIBURON, CA—September 27, 2004—The mobile market is hot and there is obvious and sustained growth in the handheld and PDA segments. However, that growth is not universal and it is dependent on a mix of new capabilities that will bring new customers into the market and inspire existing customers to upgrade. "Handheld Multimedia Devices: Semiconductors and IP enabling multimedia on handhelds and phones" is a new report from Jon Peddie Research. Building on their groundbreaking work in graphics and multimedia hardware and software, Jon Peddie Research ( has turned its attention to the complex and rapidly evolving handheld/handset market. JPR reports that shipments of handhelds/handsets will be strong but not even across the main segments or geographies as new devices taking advantage of co-processors and new powerful SoCs based devices enter into the market.

The multimedia phone is just taking off and that segment is showing the greatest growth.

Multimedia handsets vs. total handset market.

However, as the report points out, it won't be an easy ride for everyone. Initially handset suppliers of multimedia phones will use multimedia accelerator co-processors to satisfy time-to-market demands. Inevitably the market will transition to system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs, which integrate multimedia acceleration. This will cause a consolidation of the market resulting in business failures and acquisitions as the technology is assimilated by the bigger players, the report states.

The 500-page report, "Handheld Multimedia Devices: Semiconductors and IP enabling multimedia on handhelds and phones," includes 238 charts, tables, and illustrations including market forecasts, distribution channel, block diagrams, and roadmaps.

The Handheld Report promises to be another definitive work that will long be used as a guide to this exciting dynamic market.