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CAD in the Cloud

The CAD in the Cloud report is based on a custom designed survey, fielded worldwide, together with other insights and additional industry data. Content details of the report are available here.

CAD/CAM/CAE users are at the early stages of cloud-based workflows. Software vendors are confident of the benefits of leveraging the cloud and are developing products for their customers. However, there is a mismatch in definitions and expectations between customers and vendors, causing an adoption delay but we are seeing customer attitudes change very quickly from entrenched positions to acceptance.

The report is intended for the following in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and PDM sectors:

  • Product, Development and Marketing Managers of Software and Hardware Vendors and System Integrators
  • User organisations – Design, Engineering and CAD Managers and executives
  • Research professionals and analysts

report excerpt

We believe there is some more work that can be done to change attitudes towards CAD in the Cloud. At many sites, it is a top-down process as company executives opt for the predictability of subscriptions and cloud based provisioning.

Similarly there are differences by geography. Current usage and consideration is similar across regions, but APAC is significantly more likely than EMEA or Americas to be currently in a phase of implementation. In general, EMEA seems more reluctant to evaluate CiC than North America or APAC. EMEA companies (44%) for example are most likely to have basic awareness of CiC with no further investigation or consideration having taken place compared to Americas 27% and APAC 24%.

Many vendors have not spelled out their commitment to cloud based work-flows even though they may have more quietly let it be known to long term customers, major accounts, and to analysts. We also looked at attitudes of Autodesk users compared to non-Autodesk users and we have found Autodesk users to be more open to the cloud. Autodesk communicated with its customers about the advantages of CAD in the cloud. It has rolled out various cloud-based benefits to its customers on maintenance and now subscription plans. 


Read this report to understand the current thinking of: professional engineers, designers, architects and managers

design/engineeringdecision makers by industry, geography, company size, decision making authority and in some areas software usage.