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Gamer’s Buying Plans

A report on Worldwide attitudes and plans of DIY games

A worldwide survey of end-users from the 3.5 million Wccftech site visitors resulted in 4,477 responses to 26 questions. Combined with their demographic data that produced 143,264 answers to critical buying plans, and currently owned equipment.

Some of the results were quite surprising such as the large installed base of AMD processors, plans to purchase Nvidia’s newest graphics add-in-board, and attitudes about pricing for motherboards, AIBs, and VR HMDs.

This report is intended for OEMs, component suppliers, and partners.

The report consists of two parts, the written report, and the raw data database of the survey.

report excerpt

Gamer’s buying plans is a report on worldwide attitudes and plans of DIY PC gamers, based on a survey conducted by Antikythera Intelligence & Research late 2019.

The add-in board (AIB) market has been robust in face of an overall declining PC sales volume. That is largely due to the enthusiasm of gamers, 

AMD had a surprisingly strong share (47%) of the respondents suggesting they were people with limited budgets. And yet, they reported their AIBs had 10+ TFLOPS. Fifteen percent said they had Nvidia’s newest RTX AIB. More Nvidia users planned to upgrade than AMD (53% to 40%).

The sweet-spot on pricing, according to the respondents is $450, and the most trusted AIB vendor was Asus. The respondents seemed satisfied with 1080p resolution, and 1440 was second.


The survey was conducted between October and 27 October 2019.

We analyzed the demographic data of the respondents in three macro ways: worldwide, regional, and by country. The following sections show the results of that analysis.

Purchasers of the semi-annual site license report and database will be invited to submit questions for the next survey which we will conduct in the late spring 2020.