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Opportunities for Ray Tracing software

The rendering market is a subset of software for larger markets including architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), computer-aided design (CAD), scientific, entertainment content creation, and simulation-visualization. Not all users who have rendering capabilities in their products use it. At the same time there are products that have been developed solely as rendering tools. There are other products that include 3D modeling and animation and rendering capabilities. They may be used primarily for rendering, primarily for modeling, or primarily for animation.

With that in mind, we estimate the 2015 total market for ray tracing rendering software used in CAD, entertainment, and visualization to be between a Total Available Market (TAM) of $480 million minimum value, and $1.5 billion Potential Available Market (PAM). We estimate that served available market (SAM) is approximately 480,000 ray tracing rendering engines.

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The market for ray tracing

JPR estimates the total market for ray tracing rendering tools used in CAD and Entertainment t and visualization to be between $480 million and $1.5 billion in 2015.