JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly

Workstations set another quarterly volume record, up 10.3% in Q3’17
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Alex Herrera

Workstations set another quarterly volume record, up 10.3% in Q3’17

The third quarter of 2017 did not disappoint, on the contrary showing solid year-over-year (YoY) growth that continues to shine among its sibling PC-based client markets. All told, around 1.25 million workstations shipped in Q3'17, marking a 10.2% YoY gain and comparing to a Gartner-reported 3.6% decline in the overall PC market. Sequentially, the quarter's 4.6% gain is in the neighborhood of typical, historical Q3 figures. Both the unit and revenue volume set quarterly records, with revenue at around $2.36 billion.

Bullish numbers provide more evidence of the different characteristics of the workstation market leading to the contrast in the relative markets’ fortunes. Where mainstream PC buyers are increasingly reaching “good enough” levels of computing with current PCs or alternative devices, lengthening replacement cycles, buyers of workstations continue to value generation-to-generation incremental improvements in features and improvements, with expectations of increasing productivity. 


Providing the most comprehensive look at the workstation market available, the JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q3’17 delves into breadth and depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU market, including:


  • Complete breakdown of traditional workstation market by units and revenue, and across product classes (mobile/entry/mid/high), platforms (mobile/entry/mid/high), geography and vendors
  • Workstation market forecast
  • Complete breakdown of workstation GPU market by units and revenue, across product classes and vendors
  • Breakdown of workstation market by vertical
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of Apple platforms versus Windows/Linux workstations
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of emerging workstation virtualization (in its multiple forms)
  • Analysis and sizing the impact of Intel's CPU-integrated graphics

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