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Another robust, record-setting quarter for workstations in Q2’18

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Alex Herrera

Knock on wood. The workstation industry hit yet another record quarter for the workstation market in the books, and it didn’t just edge out the previous record, it pushed well beyond. We have the continued strength in both macroeconomic conditions and end-user demand to thank for the robust numbers, and while we see no sunset on the horizon for the latter factor – healthy demand from visual computing professionals – the former is the less predictable and overriding factor in driving the market. But while the current bullish climate will most certainly fade in the coming years (or perhaps quarters), anything but “fading” occurred in Q2’18.

Overall, the workstation market jumped 13.8% year-over-year, accounting for over 1.35 million units in the second quarter. Revenue also hit record levels, climbing 15.9% year over year. And while the second quarter cyclically tends to show growth over the first quarter, Q2’18’s sequential growth exceeded typical levels, coming in at 12.9% for units and 11.2% for revenue.

Among top-tier vendors, the triumvirate of Dell, HP and Lenovo managed to account for the lion’s share of units, totaling 89.3% of the total market (with the remaining 10.7% shared among Tier 2 providers and system integrators).



Providing the most comprehensive look at the workstation market available, the JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q2’18 delves into breadth and depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU markets, including:

  • Complete breakdown of traditional workstation market by units and revenue, and across product classes (mobile/entry/mid/high), platforms (mobile/entry/mid/high), geography and vendors
  • Workstation market forecast
  • Complete breakdown of workstation GPU market by units and revenue, across product classes and vendors
  • Breakdown of workstation market by vertical
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of Apple platforms versus Windows/Linux workstations
  • Analysis and sizing of the impact of emerging workstation virtualization (in its multiple forms)
  • Analysis and sizing the impact of Intel's CPU-integrated graphics

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