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One more time: another quarterly workstation shipment record in Q4’17
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Alex Herrera

The workstation market experienced another solid quarter in Q4'17, shining brightly in a few respects. First, volume hit another record high of 1.30 million, reflecting YoY growth of 5.4% (and a within-the-norm sequential gain of 3.8%). Second, ASPs showed surprising strength, tipping up modestly to let revenue not only hit a record of  $2.47 billion but show a more robust 6.2% YoY growth. Third — and admittedly a less exciting observation — the growth numbers sit in a range that this analyst would think a sweet spot. It's robust compared to GDP and certainly compared to the broader PC market, but it's not overly hot to indicate an unsustainable burst like we've seen in the past. Solid but sensible growth in Q4'17 ... not a bad thing!

The mobile workstation's share of the overall market spiked to 34.5% in Q4’17. Not only is that the highest level it’s ever hit, but it interrupted three straight quarters of moderating share. Despite the progress it’s made, however, when it comes to volume the mobile workstation still pales in comparison to the deskside workstation.


On the vendor front, Dell surged ahead of HP in the fourth quarter in overall workstation market  share, 41.2% to 39.3% including top-tier suppliers only). I'm tempted to pronounce Dell the sole leader of the market, but I'm going to wait a couple of quarters more to make that call, as we've seen a lot of back-and-forth-then-tied-again history with Dell and HP. Regardless, both Dell and Lenovo — the latter hitting its all-time high of 17.6% of overall unit volume (Tier 1) — had strong quarters at HP's apparent expense. Though not a dramatic decline by any stretch, HP hit its lowest share of unit volume in the last ten years.

Providing the most comprehensive look at the workstation market available, the JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q4’17 delves into breadth and depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU markets, including:

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  • Analysis and sizing the impact of Intel's CPU-integrated graphics

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