Workstation Report Series - Professional Computing Markets and Technologies (Q2'22 Quarterly)

Workstation market growth rate slows — but only slightly — in Q2’22

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By Senior Analyst and JPR Workstation Report author, Alex Herrera

Workstation market growth rate slows — but only slightly — in Q2’22

Following suit with the quarter prior’s results, Q2’22 again showed continuing moderation in the workstation market’s growth rate. However, a slowing rate should not be inferred as a decline in unit volume, as the market still grew at a relatively robust 22.2% year-over-year (YoY, compared to the 42.8% and 24.2% of Q4’21 and Q1’22, respectively). As always, the trio of Dell, HP and Lenovo continue to dominate sales, although the three vary in strength across platforms and geography.

Looking at platforms, the mix of mobile and fixed workstations continues to reveal an interesting and evolving story line. As the pandemic has faded, fixed machine growth was expected to come on strong and outpace mobiles as enterprises restarted their typical refresh cycles in anticipation of desks and offices filling back up. And yes, fixed workstations are seeing a substantial rebound from the height of the pandemic, with Q2’22’s 19.7% YoY growth making for a solid 5-quarter stretch after several quarters of pandemic-induced declines. But rather than slow its growth rate as more workers returning to the office, the mobile workstation continued its bullish pace, ticking up to 26.4% YoY.

Providing the most comprehensive look at the workstation market available, the JPR Workstation Report Market Quarterly for Q2’22 delves into breadth and depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU markets, including:

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