Video Gaming Almost All of Us Are Gamers

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Jon Peddie

A gaming computer is one designed for playing computationally demanding video games. By definition, they are powerful machines that usually have discrete graphics, and powerful GPUs.

I have participated in the gaming industry as a gamer since 1970s, researched, surveyed, reported on, and consulted in the gaming industry since the early 1980s. This monograph is an overview of the market and a bit of the hardware technology, combined with a small survey of cross section of gamers.


Gamers come from all over the world and use all types of machines.

As important as the technology is the community, which I think is really important and a positive as well as negative force. The game community has produced rabid fans, Gamer Gate and is even credited with the rise of Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos. It has also ushered many young men into adulthood. Served as a nexus of friendships, created a powerful industry and is the single motivating force for computer graphics technology even though we thought that would be driven by science, etc. Nope, it’s games.

Gaming computers are often associated with enthusiast computing due to an overlap in interests. In the case of PCs, a gaming computer can be subdivided into low-end, mid-range, and high-end segments. Contrary to the popular misconception that PC gaming is inextricably tied to high-priced enthusiast computing, graphics board manufacturers earn the bulk of their revenue from their low-end and mid-range offerings. Keep in mind, the demographic profile of gamers include young people who have budgetary constraints, so most gamers want the best, but they’re cost conscious. However, it’s also important to remember that the gaming community is not monolithic. When discussing specialized gaming computers, and processors, we’re primarily talking about gamers who are playing high end games. There are many many more gamers who play all kinds of games on all kinds of platforms, and there is considerable crossover.

Because of the large variety of parts that can go into a computer built to play video games, gaming computers are often custom-made. In order to generate interest, gaming computer manufacturers that sell complete systems often produce boutique models, allowing them to compete on aesthetic design in addition to the hardware inside.

Computer gaming has been with us since the late 1950s and has grown into a double-digit billion-dollar market. People of all ages, sex, economic status, and location play video/computer games on private and public machines, at home, and in public places. It’s more difficult today to find someone who is not a gamer than one who is.

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