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Jon Peddie Research is a technically oriented marketing, research, and management consulting firm. Based in Tiburon, California, JPR provides specialized services to companies in high-tech fields including graphics hardware development, multimedia for professional applications and consumer electronics, entertainment technology, high-end computing, and Internet access product development.

Jon Peddie President

Dr. Jon Peddie is a recognized pioneer in the graphics industry, President of Jon Peddie Research, and named one of the world’s most influential analysts. Peddie has been an ACM distinguished speaker and is currently an IEEE Distinguished visitor. He lectures at numerous conferences and universities on topics about graphics technology and the emerging trends in digital media technology. Former President of Siggraph Pioneers, he serves on the advisory boards of several conferences, organizations, and companies and contributes articles to numerous publications. In 2015, he was given the Life Time Achievement award from the CAAD society. Peddie has published hundreds of papers to date; and authored and contributed to eleven books, His most recent books are, “Augmented Reality, where we all will live", “Ray Tracing, a Tool for all.”

Chris Vienneau Senior Vice President of Media & Entertainment

Chris is a senior leader with 25+ years of experience developing tools and services for the entertainment industry for customers such as Disney, Electronic Arts, and Google. He has managed market-leading tools like Maya, FBX, and Arnold generating over $100m per year. He has fostered innovation on several groundbreaking projects like Bifrost, ShaderX, and Arnold GPU and has several authored patents. He has overseen partnerships with companies like Apple, Adobe, and Nvidia. Chris is a huge advocate for standards and open-source having driven Autodesk's contributions to the Academy Software Foundation, USD, and Materialx and is currently helping out on bringing to life the 2030 vision for production at MovieLabs.

Karen Moltenbrey Editor-In-Chief

Karen Moltenbrey is editor-in-chief of JPR’s TechWatch and GraphicSpeak. Karen comes to JPR with years of diverse experience in the publishing industry, both in the mainstream and technical press. She began her career as a reporter at local and regional newspapers before moving into the technical space at IDG’s Network World magazine and then as a tech writer at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer. For the past 24 years, she has worked at Computer Graphics World magazine, serving as editor in chief for the past 16 years, writing news and feature articles on topics spanning the areas of film, television-streaming, computer gaming, digital fine art, AR-VR-XR, and more. Over the years, she has amassed many technical writing awards from various media organizations such as ASBPE, Folio, American Business Media, and others. In addition, Karen has been a contributing writer to Post Magazine and postPerspective, covering innovation in the post-production industry.

Alex Herrera Senior Analyst

For the past 30 years, Alex has been involved in the architecture, engineering and marketing of 3D graphics, video, and microprocessor chips. At Jon Peddie Research, Alex’s focus is fixed on the markets, technologies and products related to computer graphics and professional client computing. Alex authors JPR’s Workstation Report and writes for TechWatch, and as a consultant continues to advise companies competing in the graphics and semiconductor businesses.

Ted Pollak Senior Gaming Analyst

Ted Pollak has been following the video game industry for over 20 years. The majority of Ted’s career has been in the field of investment management. Combining his knowledge of games and finance, he founded and launched multiple financial products including the publicly listed GAMR ETF. Ted is the Senior Gaming Analyst for JPR, where he contributes to TechWatch, writes an industry report, and provides consulting in various areas of entertainment technology.

C. Robert Dow Manager, Digital Media

Robert Dow is the Manager of Digital Media at JPR. Robert has been with Jon Peddie Research since 2005. Beginning as a researcher and editor for JPR, Robert has been focused the CG market for over 15 years. He recently transitioned into his current role. Before coming to work for Jon Peddie Research he worked in marketing for THX, a division of Lucasfilm.

Ruchika Saini Editor at JPR and GraphicSpeak

Ruchika Saini started working as copy-editor at a well-known digital media company. She has worked as technical editor at and Ruchika has been following CAD, CAM, and CAE industry for 11 years. She is an avid fan of Yoga and says it helps her relieve stress.

Andy Marken Contributor

Andy has written more than 100 articles in the business and trade press addressing industry issues and how technologies can be used by normal people. He has been a marketing and communications consultant for more than 30 years in the wild early days of the Internet/Web, heyday of the videogame industry and the maturing professional and consumer video industries. His experience includes CERFnet, TCG and AT&T. Andy has worked in the video and storage industry with Atari, Panasonic, Philips, Dazzle, Pinnacle Systems, Motion DSP, CyberLink, InterVideo, Ulead, ADS Tech and Verbatim.