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The Rise and Benefits of Companion Robots—a white paper

Posted: 06.10.21

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Companion robots have been with us for over a decade, yet are not that well known. One reason is the misunderstanding of what a robot is and isn’t. And part of that is due to the term robot itself, and its portrayal in film and books. A friendlier...

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NVIDIA OMNIVERSE - A new way to create

Posted: 12.21.20

Imagine being able to create a model in a popular 3D modeling program like Maya, Houdini, or Blender, and then seeing a photorealistic ray-traced rendering of it in real-time. And then, changing some...

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Trends in Workstations

Posted: 11.19.20

Workstations are solid, reliable, and powerful specialized computers used in mission-critical applications. Downtime is simply not acceptable, and Fujitsu’s workstations have realized seven...

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GPU Developments 2019

Posted: 01.27.20

There were quite a few surprises, a couple of disappointments, and a lot of business as usual, in 2019. We saw the introduction of two new GPU suppliers, taking us up to 14 or 17 depending on...

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GPU Developments 2018

Posted: 06.17.19

Almost five times as many mobile devices with GPUs shipped than PCs, and almost 9 times as many PC GPUs shipped than game consoles, over 1.5 times as many game console GPUs got built than all...

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GPU Developments in 2017

Posted: 03.14.18

Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia has just released in annual review of GPU developments for 2017. In spite of the overall slow...

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