GPUS used in Gaming - A special report on the x86 gaming hardware market

Posted: 04.17.18

The gaming hardware market is vast, spreading across all types of platforms from handheld devices to phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, and location-based arcade and gaming parlors. The biggest, fastest-paced games with big screens are played on the popular x86 platforms. Using a computer to play games began in the late 1960s and inspired the first dedicated gaming devices we call consoles today.

Gaming machines evolved from powerful location-based machines found in arcades, restaurants, and bars to in home machines in the form of dedicated gaming consoles and/or microcomputers, and then PCs. As Moore’s law drove down prices, and increased performance, people bought more machines for the home which had a positive price-elasticity effect, at the expense of the location-based gaming machines.

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