Visions and Predictions

Posted: 01.05.10

Graphics industry leaders take a look at the year to come

As is customary in this and other industries, presidents, pundits, and pontificators look into the horizon and try to divine the future. We asked some of the most visionary people in the industry to share their views with us and give us a glimpse of what they see coming. We were surprised by the responses, and sadly couldn’t include them all. Here then are the ones we liked best. As you might expect, each contributor tended to see the world in his or her own terms but these people are all very engaged in their industries as well. Taken together, the things that they see as important—really are important because these people and the people who work for them and with them are helping to make these ideas a reality.

For two years now the cloud has been on everyone’s list of most influential technology. The beauty of talking about the cloud is that it is a vague term that has room for a variety of actual applications. So, you’re pretty much not going to go wrong when you go out on an limb and say “the cloud is going to be important.” However, there is another kind of cloud and the CAD companies have been talking about how important cloud point data is going to be. Ping Fu from Geomagic gives us her take and reminds us that success is about focus.

Through 2009, we’ve seen quite a few new ideas ooze to the top layers of the collective consciousness. Thanks to the movie business, stereoscopic 3D is re-emerging. Levy Gerzberg from Zoran, however, thinks that 3D is going to evolve a little differently than is commonly believed. Not surprisingly, Jen-Hsun Huang at Nvidia is excited about GPU compute possibilities. His company is making an audacious bet on GP GPU computing and they’re putting a lot of resources into trying to kick-start the technology. Like Gerzberg, Huang is also very interested in 3D and he’s looking at tablets. As this is being written, the tablet is on everyone’s mind as people expect to see Apple’s take on it early in 2010. Meanwhile, over at AMD where the company has quite a bit to be optimistic about, Dirk Meyer believes the new PC operating systems Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Apple’s Snow Leopard are going to have a big impact on the industry. Meyer sees them as the gateway for his Fusion product. Luxology’s Brad Peebler has wide ranging interests. He’s expecting to see advances in Augmented Reality, 3D cameras, and photos. Hossein Yassaie from Imagination Technologies is another challenger in the semiconductor market. He has big ambitions for Imagination and thinks multimedia will be everywhere enabled by a new class of embedded connected processors.

The JPR crew piped in to, and Andy thinks 2010 will be the year of Always-on Content and never out of touch smart phones. Interestingly, Jake and Andy take different sides on a couple of issues. Andy sees Blu-ray becoming as important for storage and archiving as it is for content. Jake thinks social networks and the cloud will help kill off physical media, while Ted is cautiously optimistic about on-line games, likes consoles and thinks social networks are over hyped. Jon’s wrap up is, don’t go for the easy forecast and pay attention to intimacy.