Joshua Volckaert

Cerulean Labs unveils Spaces v2

Spaces is a sketch-based design tool that maintains a database of building information. (Source: Cerulean Labs)   Spaces takes designers back to the sketch where ideas begin and lets designers loft their designs to create editable 3D shapes. The sketch is data-driven, allowing users to access design data and add building information. Introduced at the start of the year, Spaces … Read more

Neurotechnology meets spatial computing

Galea merges next-gen brain-computer interface tech with HMDs. (Source: Varjo)   OpenBCI and Varjo have come together to take the next step in virtual reality technology. By taking OpenBCI’s neurotechnology and applying it to Varjo’s advanced VR/XR systems, a new headset is being brought to the market: Galea. Galea utilizes cutting-edge brain-computer interface technology and state-of-the-art virtual reality software and … Read more

John P. Wallace elected as Avid Technology’s board chair

John P. Wallace. (Source: Avid)   Media and Entertainment industry veteran John P. Wallace was voted unanimously as Avid Technology’s chairman of the board on May 30, 2022. Wallace has been a part of the industry for over 30 years. In that time, he has held the titles of president and CEO of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, president of Operations … Read more

A technological leap for AR

(Source: Fast Company)   A sequel should do everything it can to improve upon the original, and from the very first glance, it already has with the Magic Leap 2. The original Magic Leap headset already was a slimmer device compared to its peers, but Magic Leap 2 trims off one extra layer of fat, allowing for a far more … Read more

Taking control: Part 1 Controllers evolve with gamers

(Source: Reviewed)   Time changes all things, and video games are no exception. The gaming industry has been transforming ever since its inception, starting with simple pixels passing another pixel back and forth, to experiences that can transport people to virtual worlds, with sights and sounds that keep them there for hours on end. Whether you are hopping across platforms … Read more