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Acer starts 2023 off with a bang

Acer burst into the new year with new products in its Swift Go line, laptops for gaming, new 3D stereo tech, and more.


2023: Video game industry outlook

Call ‘em what you will, but the coming attraction is games and more games.


AMD introduces its flagship add-in board from the new line of RDNA 3-based graphics cards

The RX 7900 XTX delivers more than a 40% performance gain over the previous generation.

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GPU developments of 2022

TIBURON, Calif. – Jon Peddie Research has just released its annual GPU developments report. It is a summary of GPU developments for 2022 and includes …

Add-in board unit sales continue to slide in Q3, seeing first year-over-year decline since the pandemic

Quarter-to-quarter graphics add-in board shipments decreased significantly by -33.5% and decreased by -31.9% year to year.

GPU Q3’22 biggest quarter-to-quarter drop since the 2009 recession

Shipments decreased by -10.3% sequentially and by -25% year to year.

Jon Peddie Research Announces IDTV Conference

Robert Dow


JPR’s new conference to address the science and technology of Integrated Digital Television. Slight gains and losses in market share, Intel still number one overall and in notebook, Nvidia still number one on the desktop, AMD results mixed.

PC Gaming Hardware Market to Hit $23.6 Billion in 2012

Robert Dow


Premium quality “Enthusiast” and “Performance” class equipment contributes $3.2 billion in growth from 2011 TIBURON, Calif., May 03, 2012 –Jon …

Of game consoles, VR and all that jazz

Robert Dow


The difference between selling and promising The seemingly unbridled enthusiasm for gaming in VR continues even the face of the …

Imagination Technologies fires photon ray

Jon Peddie


Image courtesy   Imagination Technologies has introduced its latest ray tracing IP, the IMG CXT for its flagship B-series …

2023: What’s hot and what’s not

Karen Moltenbrey

2023: The race is on

Andy Marken

2023: Gazing at my crystal ball

Omid Rahmat

2023: Change, the eternal process

Jon Peddie

2023: A brand-new world all over again

Kathleen Maher