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Is E3 dead?

Cancelled again. We got to face the music. This may be the final blow for this once popular trade event.


Is Microsoft Edge the best browser for gamers?

As gaming gets more popular, we have to ask, which browser is the best for gamers? Have we been missing out on Microsoft Edge?


Can GPU AI-enhanced games be trusted?

What do developers think of the mods?

Press Releases

Jon Peddie Research welcomes Karl Guttag as senior analyst

Highly respected technology blogger joins JPR as senior analyst.

The history of the GPU: From inception to AI

What is in a smartphone or smartwatch, which is also in a supercomputer, a car, an airplane and spaceship, a robot, a TV, every game machine, and almost any screen ever seen? A GPU—a graphics processor unit.

Adjustment to Q422 JPR dGPU Market Report

Super compute products skewed dGPU market share.

CG pioneers seek mentors for youth at Siggraph 2012

Robert Dow


Siggraph Pioneers is again recruiting computer graphics professional who will attend Siggraph to volunteer as a mentor for a high …

Vulkan logo

Video transcoding via Vulkan

Jon Peddie


Khronos adds accelerated H.264 and H.265 decode.

A break with the past

Robert Dow


PCI Express will revolutionize workstations; CAD is the big winner Workstation users, especially high-end workstation users, have an insatiable appetite …

W stands for workstation

Jon Peddie


Intel’s latest generation of Xeon processors are specifically designed for workstations, and the company has cleverly designated them the W …

Creativity in Art, Design and Technology

Jon Peddie

Employees no longer needed as AI takes over

I.M. Virtual

Nvidia renames company

Amanda Hugginkiss


Add-in Board, Lovelace, Nvidia, RTX

Nvidia adds another AIB to the high-end segment

Add-in Board, AMD, Nvidia

The Nvidia 4090 versus everything

AMD slam-dunks GPGPU test

Ada Lovelace, AMD, GPU, Nvidia

The RTX 4090, a successful debut of the Ada Lovelace series