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Recipients of the 2023 GDCA Pioneer and Lifetime Achievement Awards announced

Mabel Addis recognized with the Pioneer Award and John Romero with the Lifetime Achievement Award.


Testing the elusive MTT S80

China’s Moore Threads MTT S80 lags behind 1000 series Nvidia add-in boards.


Delay of game

Video game delays are nothing new, but suddenly those, along with cancellations, seem to be happening a lot more lately.

Press Releases

Adjustment to Q422 JPR dGPU Market Report

Super compute products skewed dGPU market share.

The history of the GPU: From inception to AI

What is in a smartphone or smartwatch, which is also in a supercomputer, a car, an airplane and spaceship, a robot, a TV, every game machine, and almost any screen ever seen? A GPU—a graphics processor unit.

GPU developments of 2022

Jon Peddie Research has just released its annual GPU developments report. It is a summary of GPU developments for 2022 and includes announcements by the leading GPU suppliers. Although we think it is thorough, we do not claim it to be exhaustive of every announcement made by the suppliers.

JPR reports another quarterly workstation record in Q4’17

Alex Herrera


Units up 3.6% from last quarter, 5.4% from last year

Apple gradually wins back professionals with Final Cut Pro X

Kathleen Maher


Apple has never worried its very pretty head about stuff like backward compatibility. The company has abandoned software, eliminated headphone …

M&E industry is going through a new phase of evolution

Andy Marken


“Do not eat me when I save your life!” – D’Leh, “10,000 BC,” Warner Bros., 2008 Recently, I read in …

Has Moore’s Law gotten away from Intel?

Robert Dow


The democratization of Moore’s Law, the revolution led by ARM I think it’s pretty obvious the PC market is transforming …

Bentley acquires EasyPower

Joel Orr

The JPR Siggraph 2023 press luncheon

Robert Dow

JPR to again host Siggraph 2023 press luncheon

Karen Moltenbrey

Dr. Jon Peddie to present at FMX 2023

Karen Moltenbrey

Unity continues its spending spree

Karen Moltenbrey


Add-in Board, Lovelace, Nvidia, RTX

Nvidia adds another AIB to the high-end segment

Add-in Board, AMD, Nvidia

The Nvidia 4090 versus everything

AMD slam-dunks GPGPU test

Ada Lovelace, AMD, GPU, Nvidia

The RTX 4090, a successful debut of the Ada Lovelace series