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Incumbent Intel’s answer to challenger AMD’s dual Epyc workstation platform

Posted: Alex Herrera 08.07.18

Intel boasts a 56-core Xeon Scalable beast of a workstation, courtesy of Boxx

Intel virtually owns the market for workstation CPUs. However, with its Zen generation processors, AMD can mount its most significant threat in years. Here, we look at the very top end of the market, assessing both massively-core’d dual socket Intel Xeon Scalable and AMD Epyc platforms.

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Threadripper vs. i9 7900x

Posted: Jon Peddie 09.27.17

Our friends at @Xi Computer loaned us monster i9 machine that we used to compare against the AMD Threadripper (TR). It wasn’t a totally fair comparison in that the i9 7900x only has ten 3.3 GHz cores, and the AMD TR has 16, 3.7 GHz cores. But don’t jump to conclusions, the results are not as predictable as you might suspect.

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Is AMD better at DX12 than DX11?

Posted: Jon Peddie 10.10.16

We heard the AMD RX 480 AIB did better in DX12 than the Nvidia GTX 1080 AIB did, so we tried to make a comparative test of the two boards in DX 11 and DX 12 benchmarks.

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