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Jon Peddie Research provides in-depth research in the field of computer graphics. Our publication and studies provide industry information including technology trends, market data, comparative studies, forecasts, and opinions.


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The latest


Could Raspberry Pi IPO be a boon for RISC-V?

And maybe even enable a better GPU?

Semiconductor companies’ R&D and inventories

Apple leads on R&D investments, Intel on ratio.

Is Nvidia coming after AMD’s APU?

Windows on Arm opens up the competition, including Arm.

Ponte Vecchio’s replacement, Falcon Shores, speculation

Fifteen-hundred water-cooled watts light up the rumorsphere.

Midrange and entry-level graphics cards experience a price dip in Q1

Price changes in the Q1 graphics card market signal a return to seasonality.

Will Arm make it to the workstation world?

Ampere offers a dev kit to those who want to try.

Nikon plans for a new future

A leader in professional still cameras, Nikon’s RED acquisition opens new potential.

AMD’s gaming business is just fine

No smoke, no fire, nothing to see here.

Strong Data Center sales not enough to propel AMD 

Seasonal weakness was to be expected, but the stock took a hit on weak guidance.

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