Vuforia Chalk—telemedicine for the industry - PTC is offering a free Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality to Help Manufacturers During theCOVID19 Crisis

Who will win the Gaming Market of 2025? Dr. Jon Peddie joined Tom on the Moore's Law is Dead podcast to discuss the VR, Ray Tracing, the upcoming next-gen consoles, and of course Graphics Cards. Listen to the discussion HERE

The workstation market remains strong, but a bit more tempered in Q4’19 - At around 13.6% YoY growth, the Q4’19 market cooled a tad from the hot 18-21% of the first three quarters of the year. Overall, the industry shipping around 1.7 million units, including the trio of Dell, HP, and Lenovo (DHL) and Others, relatively flat from Q3. JPR has released its latest Workstation Market Quarterly which you can read more about it here.

Continued growth in total global GPU shipments in Q4’19 reports Jon Peddie Research - The PC GPU market shipments increased 3.4% sequentially from last quarter but decreased year-to-year by -1.3% year-to-year

2020 CAD Report - Worldwide Report looks at major segments, users, and market shares. Read more on this major report HERE

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