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Nvidia Claims Realtime Ray Tracing Now Possible

At GDC, Nvidia and Microsoft made a joint announcement about the possibility of doing realtime ray tracing, something the CG community has striven for since ray tracing was popularized by Turner Whitted in 1979. Read more HERE. 

Dr. Jon Peddie at GDC

Dr. Peddie will be taking part in a panel discussion on  Exploiting Machine Learning in Gaming (presented by Imagination Technologies). The panel will focus on the rapid rise of Machine Learning and consider how developers can apply it to the games industry. 

Tuesday, March 20; Moscone West Hall Room 2011 at 2:40 pm

Market Watch and the AIB
New reports from JPR highlight the effects of cryptocurrency mining. Subscribers to the reports will receive a free copy of JPR's new report:

Cryptocurrency Mining Impact on AIBs

JPR has also published a monograph on the gaming industry: 

Video Gaming: Almost All of Us Are Gamers
This paper provides an overview of the gaming industry today along with a discussion of hardware and a profile of gamers drawn from a survey by JPR. 


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FMX is a wide ranging conference that brings together experts in the digital arts community to discuss new techniques, technologies, and formats for creative content including games, movies, video, and VR. 

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