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The overall CG market grows to $147 billion by 2021Industry increased to 2% CAGR growth for next few years. Read the latest press release from JPR on the growth of the CG market HERE

Fully ray traced renders are available from within CAD, Design and content creation tools enabling interactive workflows

Members of the Media are invited to join us for our  18th Annual Press Luncheon at SIGGRAPH. This event which brings together, press, analysts, industry stars and innovators is an important stop for the Siggraph experience. The luncheon will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver directly adjacent to the convention hall. Please visit our Event Page to sign up and learn more about this year's topic, Who benefits in a revolution?

Cryptocurrency Mining Impact on AIBs

New reports from JPR highlight the effects of cryptocurrency mining. Subscribers to the reports will receive a free copy of JPR's new report:

Video Gaming: All of Us Are GamersThis paper provides an overview of the gaming industry today along with a discussion of hardware and a profile of gamers drawn from a survey by JPR. 


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JPR SIGGRAPH Press Luncheon 2018 Vancouver

JPR's annual press and analyst luncheon returns to Siggraph this year with a focus on building studios in the sky. We'll hear from studios and individuals who are making this technology work and we'll discuss how this new technology can change an entire industry.

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