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PC decline: what happened in 2010 to 2012?The preliminary results for 2018 PC shipments shave been released. Gartner reports that PC shipments declined 4.3% from last quarter and 1.3% from the same quarter the previous year.

Why? If you look at the history of PC shipments, you can see they stopped growing and started declining in 2012. Read the full story here 

Dell goes public again…and a new company emergesAfter a spectacular period of building and investing including the giant acquisition of EMC for $67 billion. Michael Dell and his executives have announced their readiness to return to the market through VMWare, a public company acquired that came with the EMC deal. Read the full story. 

The workstation market in Q3’18: Economic conditions and demand drive the market to record levels … again - JPR is releasing the Q3'18 edition of the Workstation Report Series, The third quarter of 2018 provided more evidence, with another record set of results in the books for workstation market stakeholders. Year-over-year, the workstation market logged 11.4% gains, while its sister and supporting market for professional graphics GPUs saw even more robust growth of 20.1%.


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