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Nvidia’s woes crypto giveth and taketh away - Nvidia and AMD both benefitted. However, the boom has run its course as custom ASICs are being developed for Ethereum mining at the same time as the value of cryptocurrency has declined. For now, cryptocurrency mining with GPUs is no longer profitable, AMD and Nvidia will have to adjust.

Inside the new SPECworkstation 3 benchmarkSPECworkstation 3, an all-new version of the benchmark formerly known as SPECwpc, was released on October 31. It is developed and maintained by the SPEC Workstation Performance Characterization (SPECwpc) group, which includes AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and NVIDIA. Users can download the benchmark free of charge from the SPEC website.

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Video Gaming: All of Us Are GamersThis paper provides an overview of the gaming industry today along with a discussion of hardware and a profile of gamers drawn from a survey by JPR. 


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