Add-in Board report – a report on the Graphic Add-in Board market


Add-in Board report – a report on the Graphic Add-in Board market

The Add-in Board report is a quarterly report that focuses on the market activity of PC graphics controllers for mobile and desktop computing. The report provides an in-depth look at the PC graphics market and includes unit shipment and segment market share data, and trend analysis.

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The AIB Report Contains

  • Worldwide AIB Shipment forecast by segment, 2015 to 2025.
  • Attach rate of AIBs from 2001.
  • Detailed worldwide AIB Shipment Volume, by segment, and forecast to 2025.
  • Major suppliers: Detailed market share data-on the shipments of AMD, Nvidia, and others.
  • Market share history from Q1 2004.
  • Percentage of shipments by region, from 2015 to 2024.
  • Market value of AIBs, and pricing trends
  • A Vision of the future: Building upon a solid foundation of facts, data, and sober analysis, this section pulls together all of the report’s findings and paints a vivid picture of where the PC graphics market is headed.
  • Memory load and forecast.

This is, in general, a supply-side report. Data for the unit shipments come from the
suppliers of the graphics processor semiconductors. We constantly survey the AIB
suppliers as well as the OEM and ODM suppliers in the course of our business.

Q1’23 Add-in board Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
    • What is in this report
  • Introduction
  • The quarter in general
    • Q4’22
      • Good enough isn’t
    • Quarter-to-quarter changes
      • Attach rate
      • Market shares
      • Segments
    • AIB price bands
  • Market Value
    • Forecast
  • Market value
    • Market value and forecast by segment
    • Market value and forecast by region
    • Memory size
  • AIB developments in the quarter
    • AMD’s Q4’22 and FY’22 results
    • Intel Q4 2022 and FY 2022 financial results
    • Nvidia Q4 FY 2023 results
    • AMD introduces its flagship add-in board from the new line of RDNA 3-based graphics cards
    • The Nvidia 4090 versus everything
    • Intel has released the long-awaited Intel Arc A750 and A770
    • AMD’s RDNA 3 chiplet GPU and RX 7900 XTX
    • Nvidia 4000 pro graphics results—a preview
    • How close were the RX 7900 XTX leaks?
    • Moore Threads’ AIB available in China
    • PC graphics market on track for post-pandemic correction
    • Mt. Tiburon Testing: The Intel Arc A700 arrives and acquits itself handily
    • AMD slam-dunks GPGPU test
    • GPUs are damn tricky
    • AIB shortage tuns into a glut
    • Was 2022 the year of the GPU?