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The latest


Nvidia Q1 FY24 results

Revenue of $7.19 billion is down from last year but beats the estimates.

Imagination gets down—enters the really low-power realm

Chasing Think Silicon in the underworld of wearables.

Holograms through Looking Glass

Liteforms are holographic characters that users can interact with.

Generative AI for Windows PCs, could it be?

Nvidia and Microsoft work together to optimize their technology so developers can train and deploy advanced AI models on Windows 11 PCs and workstations.

Fujitsu supercomputer maintains top rankings

Supercomputer Fugaku with 152,064 nodes.

Intel updates software for Windows cloud gaming

Cloud gaming market could be approximately $13.3 billion by 2028.

Google is building it, and they will come

Google A3 supercomputer—purpose-built for AI.

Redshift update includes AMD Radeon GPU support

No longer has eyes solely for Nvidia.

LightWave 3D: Under new ownership

And staging a comeback.

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