Not your father’s computer display

Over the years, we’ve seen an evolution in electronic computer displays in terms of shapes and sizes. From basic CRTs, to plasmas and LCDs, to LEDs, OLEDs, and more. From large, heavy devices to lightweight flat panels. From low-resolution screens of 320×200 to those of high dynamic range and resolutions of 3840×2160. From slim models, to those that swivel, lean, … Read more

Alienware announces their new monster flagship, the Aurora R15

Alienware released this “family photo” of their new desktop, QD-OLED monitor, and new compact gaming keyboard. (Source: Alienware) Alienware recently introduced their new flagship desktop, the Aurora R15, alongside a new keyboard and tenkeyless keyboard. Customers will have the option to load their Aurora R15s with Nvidia’s new generation of RTX 40 series GPUs and Intel’s new Raptor Lake processors. … Read more

Lenovo gets personal with its new display

Lenovo Glasses T1, a personal display that fits in your pocket. They can even be worn over prescription eyewear. (Source: Lenovo) Lenovo has screens of varying sizes, from those on its tablets to its ThinkVision and other monitors for work, gaming, and home use. Now the company is thinking big by thinking small with a wearable private HD display right … Read more

Two new Dell Alienware monitors on the horizon

Gamers, if you are looking for new gaming monitors offering fast refresh rates, your wait is almost over. Dell has announced two new additions to its Alienware monitor line: a 27-inch and a 25-inch offering. Both feature a built-in retractable hanger located on the top left side of the monitor to conveniently place your headset. Because, well, gamers like to … Read more

DaVinci’s tools get major update … and then some

Blackmagic Design is not the kind of company to let a worldwide pandemic and recession go to waste. The company kept a low (for them) profile throughout the NAB time frame, and now arrives with a revamped DaVinci Resolve with new tools and companion hardware. In the demo available on the Blackmagic site, CEO Grant Petty took the controls himself … Read more

Ambarella expands its platform to meet Intel’s challenge

CES, the land of dreams, hopes, and big promises. Ambarella was founded in 2004 on the basis of a massive semi-smart image sensor with video-compression. Four years later, the company introduced its flagship product, the H2 with an image processing pipeline that included a 10-bit HDR video processing and imaging that could handle challenging low-light conditions.  In 2011, the company … Read more

Nokia puts Pixelworks in phones

  The Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 smartphones launched at IFA 2019 feature PureDisplay technology using a Pixelworks visual processor. These new Nokia smartphones have big 6.3-inch screens with always-on HDR and a series of picture quality enhancements. The Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 smartphones are built with a 6.3-inch 19.5:9 FHD+ screen and PureDisplay technology and processor with the … Read more

Full color spec tightened by VESA

Before HDR, life was dull, bland, uninteresting, and uninspiring. Intel introduced HDR support with its 7th generation Intel Core processors that were launched in 2016. Both Nvidia and AMD also started to offer HDR support in 2016. In 2018, HDR monitors showed up at CES in 2017. In December 2017, VESA introduced the DisplayHDR specification, version 1.0. Finally, in 2018, … Read more

The foldable Thinkpad X1

I didn’t get to see this new machine from Lenovo, but like others, I am fascinated by its potential, and curious about its durability.  The new PC was unveiled in a conference in Orlando, Florida, and comes with a foldable 13.3-inch touch screen display and a keyboard attachment. The display was made in collaboration with South Korean company LG and … Read more