Ray Tracing

Arm says no to inferencing for ray tracing

Preparing for their initial public offering road tour, Arm has announced a new GPU and naming scheme, and committed fully to 64 bits for their CPU designs. SoftBank Group Corp. is considering listing some of its stake in chip designer Arm Ltd. on the London Stock Exchange, switching from an earlier plan to only use the US market, according to … Read more

Nvidia offers ray tracing like software filters for non-RT games

(Source: @Atrix256)   In their January 2022 driver update, Nvidia added an option to allow end-users to add ray tracing-like quality to their games through the Nvidia game filters option and Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination (SSRTGI). SSRTGI, screen-space ambient occlusion, and dynamic depth of field filters allow users to make games look more cinematic and photorealistic. Nvidia used … Read more

Imagination Technologies fires photon ray

Image courtesy Movieclips.com   Imagination Technologies has introduced its latest ray tracing IP, the IMG CXT for its flagship B-series GPU IP. The announcement marks the debut of Imagination’s PowerVR Photon ray tracing architecture.  Photon, says Imagination, is the industry’s most advanced ray tracing architecture, bringing desktop-quality visuals to mobile and embedded applications. The biggest news is that it has already … Read more