Intel’s Arctic Sound-M Flex Series AIBs

With the explosive growth in cloud compute workload and complexity, new segments are bringing unique workloads that require processing pixels, inference, analytics, rendering, and sending those pixels back to the client device to be viewed or for further analysis. These tasks are currently being done by separate discrete products in the cloud, and Intel hopes to integrate them in one … Read more

Gunnir enters AIB market with Intel GPU

China-based Gunnir has introduced three AIBs and got featured on Intel’s newish GPU website along with Asus as users of the Intl Iris Xe DG1 GPU. Gunnir’s page, in Chinese, reveals the following (after a Google translation):  Gunnir’s Lanji DG1-based AIB. (Source: Gunnir)   The company offers two additional DG1-boards: the Iris Xe IndexV2 and the Iris Xe Max Index … Read more

What the Olympic visitors saw

Image provided by The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Image created with the cooperation of NTT   For the Olympics, NTT Docomo built and launched (literally and figuratively) a barge with a very large NTT Docomo display, the company has named Kirari! The barge displayed live transmissions of 12k ultra-wide composited images of an entire sailing … Read more

The Arc of the Alchemist

No, not a new Steve Winward song, a new GPU family   As you know, or should know, Intel has been up to their old trick of changing names and requiring you to get an upgrade to your Captain Midnight decoder ring. They did a few weeks back when Pat Gelsinger came in and introduced the world to Angstroms. And … Read more

Tribute: the father of the pixel

Frederic Crockett Billingsley was an American engineer who developed techniques for digital image processing while at JPL working on U.S space probes to the moon, Mars, and other planets.


Pixels™, from rock groups to clothing, to pinpoints of light, they have been an intrinsic part of our life, vocabulary, and concept since the 1800s. Alas no longer may we use it with abandon, it is now the property of Google™. The term “Pixel™” can be found throughout our industry and many others. A “pixel™” is the smallest element of … Read more


The term Pixel is really quite old and very well defined.

Pixelworks’ AI-based video processor

San Jose based Pixelworks is announcing the i6 processor, its sixth generation mobile visual processor, and the first with low-power AI tech (built on the Company’s mobile display datasets). AI comes into place to adaptively optimize picture quality. The i6 processor, says the company, uses AI to intelligently upscale the dynamic range of video and gaming content while concurrently optimizing … Read more

Intel launches EVO

After months of leaks, rumors, and speculation, Intel formally and officially released the details of its 11-generation processor, code-named Tiger Lake. The processor leverages Intel’s SuperFin 10 nm process and introduces Intel’s first integrated Iris Xe GPU claiming 2× the performance over the previous generation — 2× is a lot. The CPU and other processors as well as the communications … Read more