Nvidia almost announces Orin

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at the company’s GPU technology conference in China. (Source: Nvidia)   Nvidia has been holding GTC conferences around the U.S. and the world and recently held one in China. At the Chinese GTC, the company announced a deal with Didi, an app-based transportation provider (similar to Uber) to use Nvidia GPUs in its data center for … Read more

China buys China—is the war over?

China owns considerable market share in world markets and these days, the country is capturing even more mind share, but what is China’s ultimate goal? It’s possible China wants most of all to own its own market.

Jingjia Microelectronics introduces new GPU

  A Chinese company, Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics Co. (Jingjia Micro), is claiming their upcoming GPU that is being fabricated at 28-nm will be capable of reaching Nvidia’s GTX 1080 performance levels.  Founded in 2006 in the High-Tech Development District of Changsha, China, Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics Co., Ltd. has about 500 employees across all of its locations and generates about $60 … Read more

New PC, and maybe TV forecast

Making forecasts is always complicated and never a sure thing; and, to get a forecast close to reality, it’s necessary to constantly tweak factors and adjust assumptions. US President Trump has precipitated quite a bit of tweaking and adjusting. As a result, we expect to see the Trump trade-war with China drive up costs and therefore the price-elasticity curve of … Read more