Samsung’s premium Exynos 2200 mobile processor

The Exynos 2200 series of chips was announced on January 18th and is planned for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold3, and Flip3 phones. The Exynos 2200 SoC is based on Samsung’s 4-nm processing node. The chip’s GPU is named Xclipse 920 and uses AMD’s RDNA2 GPU IP including AMD’s intersection ray-tracing processors—making Exynos 2200 SoC the first mobile processor … Read more

Imagination back in the CPU business

Imagination is no newcomer to CPUs and designed a few for its audio and TV products and some other special-purpose products. Its big move, however, was In 2012 when Imagination announced it would acquire MIPS for $60 million. In 2017 Imagination sold MIPS for $65 million, so Imagination could be acquired by Canyon bridge. Imagination had been a partner with … Read more

Smoke, mirrors, DLSS on Arm—is that even possible?

Few people love ray racing more than me. And now Nvidia has made it possible to see ray tracing in a fast action FPS on a low-power notebook, proving it isn’t the CPU that makes it work. At GDC, Nvidia showed Wolfenstein: Youngblood running with ray-traced reflections enabled and DLSS in operation on an eight-core MediaTek CPU and an Nvidia … Read more

The new Arm Mali GPUs and Armv9 architecture

Last year, Arm introduced its Cortex-X1, claiming to have kickstarted the evolution of computing performance. Now they’ve followed that up with the firm’s first Total Compute solutions. Arm says it will provide three pillars of its Total Compute strategy – compute performance, developer access, and security. The CPU cores are the Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, and Cortex-A510, based on Armv9 with SVE2 … Read more

Qualcomm’s NUC-like dev system

Qualcomm gave their first showing of a Chrome-killer thin & light, always-on, always-connected 13-inch notebook at their developer’s conference in 2017. It looked like a winner then. Lenovo, HP, Acer, and others signed up to build it. The idea of being able to get online anytime, anywhere was undoubtedly appealing. A bit problematic about how to deal with the phone … Read more

Arm says future Mali GPU will do ray tracing

During the Arm V9 announcement, one of the slides shown on the Mali GPU listed new features of Arm’s plans for Mali. Arm said that ray tracing and variable-rate shading, now available in the PC via DirectX 12 Ultimate, will one day be available in Arm-powered smartphones and tablets as part of Armv9. Chips using the new v9 architecture design … Read more

Arm is elbowing its way into your car

Based on Arm’s conversations with automakers and tier-one automotive suppliers, Arm says it’s clear there are increasing demands from consumers for a smartphone-like experience in their vehicles. In fact, says the company, despite the current economic climate, there is strong demand for innovation to power the increasing displays inside the vehicle, from mirror replacement to head-up displays, remains unchanged. These … Read more

Supercomputers—who gives a rat’s patootie

The Krell supercomputer (1956)   There’s 500 of them!  Five hundred. Do I really give a hoot? If I told you, there are five hundred top baseball players, think you’ve given a… after I named number five or six? Hell, I’d bail out after number three. I mean really, what’s a supercomputer ever done for me? But because we’re an … Read more