Want to know how to design an app using a GPU?

Ever since you learned out to spell GPU, you’ve wanted to use one, program one, build a game or an app. Well, now you can. Imagination Technologies announces that it has rejuvenated and revitalized the Imagination University Programme (“IUP”). The company is now offering a complete mobile graphics course designed to teach undergraduates how to create graphics for mobile devices. … Read more

Khronos extends and releases Vulkan 1.2 for GPU acceleration

Mount Vulkaan – Wikipedia   The sun never sets on Khronos, and Vulkan never sleeps. Khronos’s Vulkan is also no Rip Van Winkel and since the release of Vulkan 1.1 at Siggraph 2016, over 23 extensions to an already robust API have been suggested to the committee. Those extensions have been accepted bringing significant developer-requested access to new hardware functionality, … Read more

AI accelerators and open software transform the computing landscape

Three years ago, we had maybe six or less AI accelerators, today there’s over two dozen, and more are coming. One of the first commercially available AI training accelerators was the GPU, and the undisputed leader of that segment was Nvidia. Nvidia was already preeminent in machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) applications and adding neural net acceleration was … Read more

XR at Khronos

Driving to stay at least in step, if not ahead of the virtual, mixed, augmented, and yet to be named and marketed realities, the Khronos OpenXR working group has released their working API which covers various OS, and presumably all devices. OpenXR—solving the VR–AR fragmentation if not confusion. (Source: Khronos)   OpenXR is a unifying, royalty-free, open standard that provides … Read more

And then there were 21—free ray tracing programs

In the process of preparing our 2019 Ray tracing and Rendering report, we have searched for all the ray tracing programs and suppliers we could find. The report is about geometry-based ray tracing and does not embrace field, optical, audio, or other non-3D (virtual or real) ray tracing applications or software. We have identified 71 raytracing programs from integrated to … Read more